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Masterpieces of its own kind. Silent statues of our times; designed by brilliant minds and built by slogging hands.

Reduce it to a few single curves and it suddenly becomes a disovery journey of substance and balanced composition.

That is the true harmony of minimalism. The purity and geometry precision. No matter if on the paper, brick by brick or in the camera viewfinder.


Quiet timekeepers, waiting decades for their slow death. Lost places, which are meant never to be discovered again.

Reminding us of times we\'ve long forgotten. And whether we acknowledge it or not, proving how production and consumption can become seasonal and replaceable.

For some the interpretation of modern society; for others the questioning excercise.


Energy, excitement and emotions. Lots of them. A passionate, allmost spiritual experience. No matter if onstage or below.

The only place, where sweat, drudge and effort of the former connects with joy, passion and happiness of the latter.

The drama of its own kind, especially for a photographer. To transfer the above described on a film slide. That is a challenge worth accepting.

One-time projects

If you have some more time to spare, get yourself a cup of tea or coffee and have a look inside.

There you'll find some one-time projects that were created mostly as photographer’s own experiments or excercises.

This is also a place for regular visitors seeking some up-to-date visuals.
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